Prophet Muhammad’s Biography in Marwari

Rajeev Sharma, A Hindu youth of Village Kolsia inJhunjhunu district of Rajasthan,  has written The biography of Muhammad in local Marwari Language.

The book is called “Paigambar Ro Paigaam”, and it talks about the life of Prophet Muhammad in 112 pages. Also, Sharma claims that this is probably the first biography of Muhammad to be written in Marwari language.

In the world of rising intolerance on religion, this is a big step towards communal harmony. The author says “We should return to past history of peace and brotherhood in our-self from where we can proceed towards development and understand each others religious beliefs and also learn to respect them.”

Rajeev Sharma also has an online library, “Ganv ka Gurukul”, in his village. His love for reading made him read a lot of books on various topics and people. But it was when he read about Prophet Muhammad that he got heavily influenced and wrote a book on him in Marwari, a regional language of Rajasthan.

“When I was a kid, our teachers would tell us to read books as part of our course. Since those days I spent a lot of time reading. I read Muhammad’s biography too and I thought that I should write about this amazing personality,” he says.

Paigambar Ro Paigam,  is available for free on Sharma’s E-library, which has collection of over 300 books.

Highly influenced by the Quran and Muhammad’s ideas, Sharma says there is no other book that talks about peace and harmony better than the Quran. In the future, he is planning to translate it in Marwari too.

Having translated other Hindu religious books in Marwari, Sharma’s first experiment with a different religion has already created a stir. “I want to create libraries in all the villages of India. Books are the best thing one can have and children should inculcate the habit of reading,” he says.

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